Jane Herrick ~ Drawings

ink wash drawing, photo transfer, 21" x 29"

Navigating on Cloth Over Grey Mist
7" x 7"

Background Topography
7" x 7"

Desert Landscape
gesso, graphite, raffia
9" x 12" SOLD

Micro Landscape
gesso, graphite
9" x 12" SOLD

Electric Trees
Charcoal, conte crayon
17" x 23" (image)
30" x 24" (framed)

After Effect
prismacolor pencil drawing
19"h x 16"w.
32"h x 28.5"w (framed)

Sweeping Landscape
ink, metallic thread, white pencil
9" x 12"

Spiral of Archimedes
gesso, graphite, acrylic, ink, found paper
9" x 12"

The Source
pencil, conte crayon
30"h x 22"w

Dream Coat
Oil Pastel
30"h x 22"w. SOLD

Oil Pastel
22'h x 30"w